ASEKOL is a non-profit company representing the manufacturers and importers of electrical and electronic equipment and organises the nationwide system for e-waste collection. It ensures the collection, transport and recycling of e-waste, including financing of the entire system. ASEKOL is a collective system for e-waste collection. The manufacturers or importers of electrical and electronic devices use our services based on individual agreements. Within e-waste collection, ASEKOL closely collaborates with cities and towns, final retailers and service providers, collection companies and processors of e-waste.

ASEKOL’s objectives include:

  • Securing the collection and ecological processing of e-waste
  • Being a trustworthy partner for state authorities and local governments
  • Ensuring costs are expended efficiently
  • Strictly complying with the quality of the ecological disposal of e-waste
  • Educating the general public
  • Supporting the work of fellow citizens with reduced working ability in sheltered workshops


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