Description of the container:

Among other things, Hradec Králové is the birthplace of Vladimír Jiránek, so Bob and Bobek are featured carrying a full hat of e-waste on the container, but the opening is too high for them, so Pat & Mat rush to help, who are engulfed in their typical confusion and disturb the “votrocky” football mascot from a game of cat and mouse. All this is compositionally complemented by Hradec “lollipops”. The very first painted container was placed in Hradec Králové, which together with Pardubice piloted the “Art of Waste Sorting with Khoma” project. The original installation of the Hradec Králové container simply focused on separating e-waste, so there was no city-specific aspects; as a result, Hradec earned a second container (and not just for its courage).

Address where the container is located:

Hradec Králové, třída Karla IV., at Central cinema

Author’s medallion:

Dalibor (MAX) Krch (*1983, Brno)

A Brno artist and illustrator, his comic style can be found on the labels of the famous Czech microbrewery CLOCK, and the albums of bands such as Urban Robot, High Purity, Pop Killers and Brünnfield. He has worked in the past and continues to work with a number of non-profit organizations that seek to make the world a better place to live, including, at random, NaZemi (Fair Trade program), Nesehnuti, the Liga lidských práv, and Obránci zvířat (a ban on fur farms and cage). He is the author of 145 illustrations of the successful space exploration Space Race the card game” and, last but not least, the winner of the analogue portion of the RAW ART WRESTLING 2017 illustration contest. He is currently busy working for the studio, where he draws whiteboard videos and also works on illustrations for a fairy-tale book for the smallest fans of the HC Kometa Brno hockey club

“I got to work on the project through my friend Khoma, with whom I enjoy working, so there was no hesitation! For me, the bonus is that through the five designs I provided taught me something new about the regions and their regional cities. Moreover, I’d say sorting waste is a kind of national sport for us, and why not make it at least a few containers nicer, right! ;)”

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