Description of the container:

The stylized background features characteristic “Bata” houses, with e-waste in front of them and a robot peeking out through broken bricks, looking longingly and clearly wanting to take a bite out of the e-waste. The theme of “consuming” e-waste has been portrayed twice by artists. Porok, like Jan Gruml who created the design for České Budějovice, came to Roudnice nad Labem for a day to spray his container for Zlín.

Address where the container is located:

Zlín, Středová-Okružní junction in Jižní Svahy

Author’s medallion:

Michal Filák (Prorok)

He comes from Francova Lhota in Valašska. He is 25. He’s developed his artistic talent since he was young, continuing on at the secondary school of applied arts in Uherské Hradiště, where he studied applied painting. There he also decided to start tattooing after school, but fate chose differently. As quickly as tattooing began, so it ended, (laughs) because he succumbed to the magic of spraying. He initially devoted himself to realism, but is now focusing on and developing his comic book style, which he transmits and transposes onto walls and paintings, and, in a recent development, clothing as well. He is even now involved in the collaboration with the worldwide brand Molotow. He has also been asked to co-operate with Nova TV on the Mission New Home project. Michal specializes in character painting, mainly portraits of women, and as he himself says:
“Women are delicate creatures, and if one paints them proportionally well, no one is going to take offence when they’re hanging on the wall” even though painting isn’t quite enough to support him yet, orders and demand for his creations are increasing.

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